How to choose the right components

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Update time : 2023-04-01 15:12:00

The choice of anything has skills, the mold component is the same, in order to choose a more suitable mold components need to be carried out according to the specific requirements, the mold components common requirements mainly have the following points:


1: First of all, check the manual, whether there is installation method and use skills: check whether the distribution of simple and clear installation instructions. Where applicable, products packaged together should also be marked with maintenance steps such as cleaning, lubrication, disassembly and replacement steps.


2: Product price, whether tax and freight included: these mold parts should have market competitiveness of value-added space, must be real material can not be fake.


3. Parts interchangeability: after a period of time, when the supplier's parts design changes, you can timely replace the previous version. Global replacement: Make sure you can find the same replacement mold parts anywhere in the global market.


4. Stability and traceability of product quality: Your supplier must have a record of consistent quality and traceability of any product they produce. Compatibility of mold parts: Ensure that the mold parts you purchase are compatible with any other parts in the mold for easy operation on the mold, so as to avoid product crack-ups or failure to test molds.


5. Product range and material sources and availability of non-standard parts: Check additional mold parts to ensure that they can be easily found for replacement when different materials or sizes are required.


6: We should pay attention to whether it is certified or not. The product worker should pass the ISO certification, which ensures the quality stability, traceability and effective documentation of the mold parts in the whole ordering and assembly process.

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