About GCH Group

Welcome to GCH Group!
——Professional mould and mould base solutions.
“We are open-minded and dedicated. Our customers believe in us 100%. With good value, competitive price, quality control and on time, We are creating a great thing.” -- Mr Lin, Vise President

Established in 2007, Located in Shenzhen China, GCH Group is a large-scale professional mould manufacturer, that specializes in injection mould tooling, mould base, and part moulding, offering customers high quality, on-time delivery, competitive cost and professional tooling manufacture and services. Our moulds and mould bases are widely used in automotive, home appliances, medical and communication pieces of equipment.  

                          --Mayor of the City visit for factory tour
The Capabilities and Services
Plastic injection mould design and Manufacturing, with our professional design support, dedicated project management, and good control of time and quality, we provided 300 sets of injection moulds annually. 150 sets of Medium & large-scale Mold per year,70% of them are exported to North America, European, and Japanese markets, etc.
All size and type mould base manufacturing supports our customers to save time and decrease the fitting process with our highly precise dimension control.  Now more and more customers choose to purchase full-process mould base and cavity blocks directly.

About GCH Team
GCH works with customers all over the world and has created many long-term, profitable partnerships. Our employees come from diverse professional mould manufacturers, with a focus on mould making. From design specialists to mould engineers and beyond, our team will handle all aspects of your job, from DFM analysis to final installation.  Known for our innovation and passion, our team will take your needs and turn them into reality.
Supply Chain Management
The GCH implement “Providing good Value mould”, Good quality with competitive price. The optimization of the supply chain is very important for us to deliver our customer needs in both quality and low cost. always validation and testing, The stable strategic supplier: Groditz,  Baosteel, DME, YUDO, MOLD MASTER, Syventive, Parke, MOLD-TEC, etc.

Industry Served
• Automotive               65%
• Home Appliance             25%
• Medical and Electrics         15%